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We invest in 8-12 startups each year. We invest between $500k-$750k in each startup through our seed funding programs.

Meet our portfolio of startups

Our vision over time has evolved and is now two-fold.

To be the thesis-driven partners of choice for start-ups; we've always believed in going wide at the fund level and deep at the sector level.

To nurture and deepen respectful relationships across the start-up ecosystem.

Why work with Axilor?

Series A is an important milestone for founders

75% of our start-ups have a Series A follow-on investment

Founders love us

Our NPS has only moved upwards - from 67 in the last year to 75 over this year

We help build valuable companies

Our portfolio services extends to beyond the usual - foraying into people, network, and more

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Our Approach

60 +

Portfolio companies


$100Mn + companies


Funds, ATF 1 & ATF 2



We believe respect follows performance and this has worked for us over the years, having partnered early-on in some of the most exemplary tech companies such as Detect, Niramai, Wiz and many more. The founders of these companies trusted in us and our values and we helped propel their vision. We go over and beyond to help our companies view us as partners rather than mere funding options.

If our values, approach and vision speaks to you - we'd love to connect.