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Axilor Labs is a first-of-its-kind HealthTech and Life Science venture curation program that is dedicated to high-impact, research-oriented, IP-led ideas that need an innovative structure to take flight. Here is what we do differently:

Customer Validation

We invest with validation of science being in place, and work together with the team to get customer validation

Cross-functional team

We come and form the cross-functional team jointly with the researchers instead of asking them to first form the team


We provide flexibility to the researcher to work around their other commitments and interests outside the research being commercialized


We jointly own up goals and metrics for next fundraise instead of making it researcher’s responsibility to convince us about the future value multiples

Focus Areas

AI in Health

Platforms that accelerate diagnosis, drug/ vaccine discovery, development, clinical trials and measuring therapeutic effectiveness

Chronic diseases

Improve quality of life for patients, reduce disease burden or find innovative ways of disease treatment/ management

Cancer research

Improve cancer survival rates through new therapies and drugs that are more effective, affordable and safe.


Technologies for 100x impact in crop yields, carbon capture, pollutant reduction, water purification to create a sustainable future

Healthy aging

Arresting and restoring bodily and cognitive function decline to allow healthier aging

Digital Therapeutics

Novel methods of digital, evidence-based therapeutic interventions to prevent, manage, or treat a medical condition.

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What do we offer?

Axilor Labs helps innovators and scientists curate their ideas into businesses with a focus on the life sciences. We join them to create commercially viable offerings, build teams, set up a matrix-driven organization and get them ready for next round investments. The three key aspects in which Axilor Lab helps innovators are:

You have an idea and have been able to establish scientific validity. What next?

Launch Readiness

Clinical validation
Regulatory compliance
Use-case validation
Product refinement through pilots

Early revenues

Visibility creation
Industry connects
Price discovery
Commercial contracts

Product market fit

Setting up for customer success
Build advocacy
Optmize sales cycle

You believe in your innovation but may or may not be able to commit yourself full-time to it. No one will invest in a company without full-time founder, right? Wrong.

Org Design
Team building
Goal setting

Grants are great way of supporting fundamental research. But how to build business and find partner who shares commercialization risk and provides the investment for investment in building business?

Capital and early-stage team
Joint ownership of next fundraise metrics
Participation in next round
Why Curation and not Venture Investing?

We believe deep science based ideas don’t fit in traditional VC framework of evaluation and need a different structure to succeed:

  • These ideas most often originate inside academic or corporate labs and are funded by grant or R&D expenses. That support takes the ideas to a proof of science with very limited ability to invest in commercial validation. Hence the commercial viability of the ideas may or may not have been tested for investment worthiness.
  • The team of researchers who worked on the ideas would have great research credentials but may not have a co-founder who has strong business building credentials, making a VC think about completeness of the team.
  • The ambition of the researcher may be more aligned to furthering the search in related or unrelated fields and they may not be willing to drop their research career altogether to pursue one idea.

Through our combined knowledge and resource pool, the platform will create a conducive environment for insights to translate into ideas which we can grow into successful businesses together.

Why Axilor?

Over the last six years, we have run one of the most successful accelerator programs in the country and evaluated 1,000+ ideas every year. The scale and outcome approach of our program has given us a vantage point to identify gaps and big problem areas. Being in the thick of mentoring and fundraising with our startups, we have built a strong network to match the skill and expertise needed by a startup at the right time. We will sharply identify problem areas that are worth solving and unlock go-to-market channels through which businesses can then scale up.

We are passionate about supporting home-grown IP-based startups. Our founders have collectively supported research with 500 Cr worth of grant till date and Axilor has funded 7 out of top 10 IP based HealthTech startups in India. We want to take it a step further and support research by providing a path to make meaningful impact from research outcomes.

Why Health and Life Sciences as initial focus?

India spends ~1.5% of its gross domestic product on healthcare. It is neither feasible nor adequate to increase this spend. Innovation is the only way to improve health outcomes.

Further, this sector requires a very deep understanding of the problem and the context. This implies a great need to facilitate collaboration.

And, most importantly, innovations in health will have the most impact. About a fifth of all deaths worldwide occur in India. The Non-Communicable Diseases like Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer, Chronic Respiratory Diseases, Diabetes, etc. are estimated to account for around 60% of all deaths.

Who should get in touch?

We invite innovators and/or entrepreneurs with strong research mindset and pedigree to get in touch with us and jointly explore how we can help them translate their research ideas into successful businesses.


Have an IP protected innovative idea.

Interested in taking the idea forward and making real-life impact.

Applying their research to Lifescience.


Driven by solving life science problems that have not been solved before

Want to take an innovative idea forward in leadership capacity

Get in touch