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Founder Testimonials

5C Network

They have really been true partners to me...I only hope that every entrepreneur has the luck to get a partner like Axilor in their journey… guys are the wind beneath the wings of so many entrepreneurs.

Kalyan Sivasailam

Founder & CEO


Axilor’s support in hiring Product Manager helped us in building one of the most comprehensive admin dashboards called “Alyve Lighthouse”. This enabled 60% increment in our NPS

Shashank Avadhani

Founder & CEO


Axilor has been our partner in growth, a compass in true sense towards our vision. The constant engagement by the team along with the analytics, networking, guidance and support has done wonders for us in our performance on all fronts from scaling 100% on m-o-m basis to doubling our margins.

Pulkit Baldev

Founder & CEO


Axilor has been our partner since day zero of the journey. Their strategic inputs aided our brand positioning and helped us in Series A fund raise.

Dheeraj Tiwari

Founder & CEO

Dvara E-Dairy

Axilor has been pivotal in securing debt fund for E-Dairy with best industry terms given the expertise and credibility they bring to the table. This helped us in building 2x larger book for lending.

Ravi K A

Founder & CEO

Solar Ladder

Axilor’s assistance was monumental in Solar Ladder closing a deal with a large multi-stage debt fund. The most heartening part was that we got this level of camaraderie even before the definitive agreements between Axilor and Solar Ladder was signed.

Manan Mehta

Founder & CEO


Axilor, our first believer and unwavering ally, has played a pivotal role in propelling our growth and supporting our grand vision. Their relentless dedication, deep expertise, expansive network, invaluable guidance, and support has been super helpful, empowering us to achieve ever greater and more ambitious goals as we forge ahead.

Naveen Bindal

Founder & CEO

The Axilor Team

Founded by the earliest founders in the ecosystem, we are team of driven individuals, keen on helping start-ups unlock success.

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