Jan 18, 2021
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Nidhi Mathur focusses on incubating innovative ideas under the Axilor Labs initiative. She is a serial entre/intra-preneur with vast experience bringing innovations to market, figuring out viable business models for technological innovations, building market acceptance for new-to-the-world technologies, and scaling-up businesses, both in startups and large enterprises.


In her previous avatar, she co-founded Niramai, an AI startup building a non-invasive, non-touch, non-radiation approach to breast cancer screening. While working with corporate research labs and incubation offices, she has worked on business models and products aimed at bridging the affordability and accessibility divide in emerging markets.


She is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore where she specialized in Marketing and Strategy. Apart from work, she enjoys trekking, bird-watching and helping out young entrepreneurs.

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